Company Overview

American Function Materials Inc (AFM Inc) founded at Alhambra, California in 2002, is now located at in San Diego California.

AFM designs, develops, manufactures and markets RF/microwave Multilayer Capacitors, High Power High current Multilayer Capacitors, High Temperature High Voltage Multilayer Capacitors, GBBL(Grain Boundary Barrier Layer)   High K substrates for Single Layer Capacitors, Ultra Low Fire Dielectric powder for multilayer capacitors. Capacitors produced range in size from 0505 to 13560, with operating voltages from 25 volts to 50,000 volts. The AFM capacitors find wide use in the wireless communications infrastructure, fiber optic, medical electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, defense, aerospace, and satellite communications markets. 

AFM operates a state of the art multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC), manufacturing line including ceramic slip casting, automated tight-tolerance printing-stacking, iso-static pressing, automated termination, automated test and sorting process, and plating process.
AFM has a full complement of test tools:
T.C.C. Test System,
Particle analyzer,
Thin film sputter
High frequency Q and ESR test system.

The AFM engineering team has been working in the ceramic capacitor industry more than 25 years. They have accumulated the comprehensive knowledge of the technology involved in manufacturing electronic ceramics, from formulation and processing to environment conditioning, life testing, product burn-in, acceleration etc.

AFM capacitors with their competitive price and their short lead times are an exceptional value in today’s electronic market place. In addition to the AFM standard capacitor products AFM is also interested in pursuing custom capacitor designs and will work with customers to develop special products in electronic ceramics.



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